LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Coaching Makes the Difference - 6 Tips to Get Engagement and Performance Started


Coaching Makes the Difference - 6 Tips to Get Engagement and Performance Started

Is your team firing on all cylinders?

Every CEO we meet wants a high performing workforce that is engaged, agile, developed and productive in order to help execute their strategy. But before they spend big money and time on employee satisfaction surveys and the actions they generate, smart leaders make sure that the changes will bring about the desired business results.

Consider this real world example.

  • Employees at a recent client cited the lack of career development opportunities as key to their dissatisfaction.
  • They, like many other employees across multiple industries, wanted visible options to learn, grow and advance.
  • The company quickly assembled an internal team to address the problem and, as a result, created a state-of-the art career resource center.
  • Great news except for the fact that most managers did not support their employees going to the center because "they needed to get their real work done at their desk."
Not surprisingly, the pressure of the urgent day-to-day business tasks often outweighs the longer-term importance of retaining top talent in the eyes of front-line managers. So, as one employee put it, "another great idea that did not deliver great results."

In addition to day-to-day pressures, many managers view engagement, development and retention as someone else's responsibility. They believe that the annual employee satisfaction survey and the resulting action plan belong on the sidelines of their day-to-day business. What these well-meaning managers failed to realize is that even the best plans can and will fall short if they aren't supported at multiple levels in the organization.

That's where performance coaching can create a sustained and measurable difference.

Coaching for engagement and development can reduce the risk of failure, empower leaders to tap into their employees' discretionary effort, and encourage employees to own their careers. When the coaching relationship is directed at these issues, it helps managers and employees find simple, yet meaningful, ways to engage and develop beyond the everyday distractions and for the long term. And, very appealing to leadership, coaching can also mean big improvements in the company's bottom-line.

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