LSA Global Insights Newsletter: 5 Most Common Training Function Strategies and Key Mistakes to Avoid


5 Most Common Training Function Strategies and Key Mistakes to Avoid

Good learning leaders start by creating a strategy that outlines clear and compelling choices about where to play and what actions to take that all key stakeholders agree upon.

Easier said than done.

Done right, a successful strategic plan sets a learning and development function up to perform beyond just the sum of its parts. Without a clear direction, your training function may tactically achieve some short-term wins, but it will fail to garner the ongoing trust, support and results required to make a meaningful impact on your career, your company or your employee base.

We have learned from experience that there are many different ways to "skin the cat" - some work and some don't.

  • At one professional services client that grew from 50 to 2,500 employees in two years across 5 countries, the executive team identified talent development as a strategic imperative for growth. The company then went on to build a world-class training function, deliver industry leading engagement and retention rates and successfully go public. Their approach worked.
  • Conversely, at a fast growing high tech client, the challenge was that even though 87% of employees listed professional development as their #1 priority on a recent employee engagement survey, only 20% of the executive team agreed upon the value and strategic direction of their L&D function. Because of this, their learning results are inconsistent, top talent is leaving and their varied approach is not working.

We have learned that there are many different paths to creating a successful training function. In our experience, however, there are 5 main strategic approaches that differentiate one training function from another. One direction is not necessarily better than another, but you do need agreement on the direction to be successful.

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