LSA Global Insights Newsletter: 7 Keys: A Behind-the-Closed-Doors Look at How to Get Better Service


7 Keys: A Behind-the-Closed-Doors Look at How to Get Better Service

We had just completed a 7-day ski trip at a luxurious resort. We wanted to leave our bags somewhere while we were skiing so that we could ski the last day and change clothes before catching our plane. My friend called customer service. He was denied a late checkout and was told there was no place to store our bags. He got nowhere and was furious.

My other friend called the same person 15 minutes later. He explained our dilemma and asked what the possibilities were. He listened. He empathized with the difficulty of the request. He shared that we had stayed at the resort for 5 years in a row and really enjoyed it. He put himself in the customer service rep's shoes. He connected and made small talk. And guess what? We stored our bags at their offices and were all set for a great day of skiing.

It often seems as though the customer is at complete odds with the customer service rep. From a customer perspective, wouldn't it be great to better understand the world of the rep behind the scenes in order to know how to get more effective service?

Here are 7 tips from behind the barricades from our customer service experts that should help you as both a consumer and a service leader:
  1. Stay courteous. You may be legitimately angry but do not become abusive. The polite caller is more likely to get satisfaction with their complaint than the nasty, threatening caller. However, it is said that if you are "talking" to a computer, a raised voice might speed your call along to a real person and expedite a solution.
  1. Know that if you are a regular, long-term customer, you have an edge. Once your record is on view and the rep recognizes your valued customer status, you will be treated with more respect and are more likely to achieve the objective of your call.

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