LSA Global Insights Newsletter: 3 Proven Ways Managers Engage Employees (without Money)


3 Proven Ways Managers Engage Employees (without Money)

The talent of your team matters.

The talent of your team matters.

Successful leaders understand that extraordinary results are the byproduct of a dedicated team of engaged, motivated and high performing employees. Unfortunately, high growth companies often make the following people mistakes ...mistakes that negatively impact the business:
  1. Hiring for speed instead of cultural fit to meet increased demands.
  2. Neglecting key non-monetary moves that help retain current and potential "A" players.

An organization's top talent is always vulnerable to competitive offers. Most leaders know that (regardless of what they tell you on their way out the door) employees typically leave managers - not companies or jobs.

Bad managers make it nearly impossible for employees to be satisfied, but good managers know how to protect their direct reports from job or company failings such as ineffective strategies, structures, processes, systems, plans, policies and politics.

Improve the capabilities of your managers and you can make a huge difference in attracting, engaging and retaining top talent that consistently achieves best-in-class results. You can't afford to lose talented team members because of poor management practices.

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