LSA Global Insights Newsletter: How to Create Customer Service Excellence


How to Create Customer Service Excellence

Does speed kill customer service?

Too many customer service and contact centers still weigh the number and speed of calls to measure day-to-day rep performance. That is a mistake. No customer wants to feel like a number in the lineup of callers.

While it is true that customers want their issues resolved quickly, they also want to be served in a way that feels fair, reasonable and respectful. When you analyze customer satisfaction data, it pays to slow down the service experience to ensure that all clients feel as though:

  • They have your full attention
  • You understand their unique situation
  • You genuinely want to resolve their issue

Financially, the better the service experience, the more likely you are to retain that client and have them tell a friend to take advantage of what you have to offer.

L.L. Bean learned to slow down the customer experience long ago. Every customer service call is answered by a live person. Their reps have been trained to allocate the time required to build rapport, understand the problem and solve the issue. They are not rewarded for rushing through calls. They are measured by the problems they solve and the quality of the interaction from the buyer's perspective.

The objective of customer service should be to generate good will (as measured by repeat and referred business) and leave the customer feeling that they were well treated.

The bottom line: If you want to improve customer acquisition, loyalty, growth, and satisfaction, try slowing down your customer service interactions.

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