LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Do Not Ignore Your Unhappy Customers


Do Not Ignore Your Unhappy Customers

The telephone game can kill your business.

This fun childhood game is where one child whispers a message to another, who then whispers to a third and so on around the circle until the last player tells the final version to the entire group. The process illustrates how quickly a simple and short message can completely change as it is shared even within a small group.

According to a study at Northwestern published in the Journal of Neuroscience, your brain remembers events slightly differently every time you recall a previous memory. Imagine how the remembered versions would vary with a large group of people. Then think about what can happen through social media. If you are concerned about brands and messaging, it is imperative that you take these factors into account so you can leverage positive customer experiences and minimize negative stories.

While it may be tempting to dodge unhappy customers, neglecting them will only exacerbate the situation. A recent Retail Customer Dissatisfaction Study showed that up to 31% of dissatisfied customers tell others about their experience with 6% of those telling as many as six or more people. Not the word of mouth that you want to build your brand or your business.

With less than 10% of customers voicing their concerns when their expectations are not met, you should take full advantage of the actionable feedback that you receive by:

  • Reaching out to unhappy customers to truly understand their frustrations
  • Empathizing with their situation
  • Trying to make it right from their perspective

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