LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Virtual Project Teams: 5 Tips to Avoid the Most Common Dangers


Virtual Project Teams: 5 Tips to Avoid the Most Common Dangers

Virtual project teams contain additional (and often hidden) risks.

Creating a high performing team is challenging enough when all team members are on the same site. When the team operates virtually (and often only for the duration of a project), the challenges are multiplied. Getting virtual project team members to work in harmony is no easy task.

Despite detailed project plans and frequent status meetings, some virtual teams just do not work well together. Most of us have experienced the fallout - bickering, unproductive meetings and disengagement as the project falls behind and begins to miss the mark.

It is no secret that the science of project management alone cannot create successful projects without committed, motivated and collaborative team members. A weak, uncooperative team isn't just unproductive; it can result in resentment, disruptive politics and active disengagement.

A positive environment promotes trust and respect among team members and increases performance through productive habits. Often the key is a project leader who ties the team together and embodies the necessary project leadership skills and attributes that help the team succeed.

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