LSA Global Insights Newsletter: 3 Steps to Take Control of Your Own Job Satisfaction & Better Navigate Your Own Career


3 Steps to Take Control of Your Own Job Satisfaction & Better Navigate Your Own Career

According to Forbes, 2 million Americans quit their job every month.

A recent study by Accenture found that 31% of employees do not like their boss. Manpower Group research shows that 44% of workers are unsatisfied. The list goes on and on.

It is now common knowledge at most companies that if employees feel as though they are not learning anything new or that their career is at a standstill, they are likely to get that proverbial itch to leave and look for greener pastures.

Some employees feel that, because of the lackluster economy and perceived high unemployment rate, their company doesn't much care about their career. Others do not see a clear path for advancement. Still others, even if they are dissatisfied, feel that there are no good job opportunities anyway so why bother looking? Whatever the feelings, as employee engagement and retention experts for decades, we are here to tell you that most employers DO fact, they care very much.

Since the mid-1990s, the focus on retaining competent and talented employees has been increasingly on the radar screen for most executives. In addition, they are increasingly aware of the high cost of turnover. Executives know that if you leave, they will pay more than your current cost to replace you. Even more important, they will lose valuable time in meeting company and customer goals.

While unemployment overall is still historically high, for those with bachelor's and advanced degrees, U.S. unemployment is still significantly below 5% (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Employers know that replacing a skilled worker, especially in fields such as technology and health care, is not as easy as it seems when reading the daily headlines. So if you or your direct reports are dissatisfied and wishing for a change, consider the following.

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