LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Alignment is the Key to Getting Where You Want to Go


Alignment is the Key to Getting Where You Want to Go

You have a solid strategy. A promising future. Now, how do you get where you want to go?

If you believe that you are headed in the right direction, but your current performance is not where you want it to be, think alignment.

Organizational alignment means configuring the key elements of your company to optimize performance. Based upon over twenty years of research, we believe that when your strategy, culture and talent are misaligned, your organization is at best under-performing and at worst set up for major problems.

Do not get fooled into making isolated strategy, culture or talent moves that do not lead your company dramatically forward. Neither talent, nor culture, nor strategy alone will produce the results you want. Alignment is the missing ingredient.

Learn more about:

Educating Senior Leaders
about the importance of organizational alignment and change

Assessing Current Alignment
of cultural and talent with strategy

Implementing Your Key Moves
defined for immediate impact on performance and organizational health

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