LSA Global Insights Newsletter: How to Establish your Brand Promise


How to Establish your Brand Promise

Are you walking the talk with your customers? And does it really matter?

If a company does not follow through on its brand promise, or if the brand promise is at conflict with the company's positioning, its reputation and sales will likely falter. The experience your employees create with each and every customer is greatly influenced long before the customer interaction even begins.

It's determined by how effective your customer service strategy, and your brand promise, is designed and executed.

For a customer service organization to thrive, the leader must align its culture and talent not only with the customer service strategy, but also with the overall company business strategy.

  • A clear strategy provides the necessary direction and clarity.
  • A high performance culture provides the environment for your employees to thrive.
  • The right talent in the right place makes it happen over time.

Understanding the overall business strategy is the first step. Defining your customer service strategy and aligning it to the overall business strategy is the next step. Combined, they should establish a clear and meaningful brand promise that helps to create and retain loyal customers.

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