LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Making Strategic Branding, Staffing and Recruiting Work


Making Strategic Branding, Staffing and Recruiting Work

If you are like most of our fast growing clients with big ambitions, chances are that your staffing and recruiting processes are not where they should or could be to support your growth goals. Even with historically high unemployment rates, the majority of our clients are struggling to find and hire the top talent that they need to execute their strategies in a way that makes sense.

To hit ever increasing and shifting (and often ambiguous) hiring targets, talent leaders need create approaches that are strategically aligned, nimble, scale-able, and fast. From sourcing quality candidates, to hitting hiring forecasts, to employee and internal branding, an effective staffing and recruiting process is a complex challenge.

Best-in-class organizations execute each strategic staffing and recruiting phase efficiently and in alignment with their business and people strategies. Low performing functions are reactive and tactical and often at odds with hiring manager priorities.

Employee and Recruitment Branding
Employee and Recruitment branding is an essential (and often overlooked) element of an effective recruiting function. Your employee brand is your corporate calling card. It impacts your recruiting, engagement, and retention of current, potential, and future employees. If you do not start strategically, you will most likely find yourself under the gun and chasing a moving target.

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Candidate Assessment
Advanced technology, social media, and a shifting economy have increased the flood of resumes (both qualified and unqualified) that bombard applicant tracking systems. Today's recruiting websites often lack proficient applicant screening tools and make it easier than ever to apply for a position. Assuming that your strategy and criteria are clear, the right applicant screening software can act as a first-level filter to eliminate potential candidates who fall short of the basic requirements for your positions so that your recruiters and hiring managers can focus on talent that fits your business and your culture.

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Workforce Planning Process
Workforce planning is the process of deciding how many people you will need in a particular area over a certain period of time. And conversely, it's also taking a hard look at the talent market and assessing how many people are available and how difficult to will be to hire them so that you can make realistic talent plans to support your business strategy.

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College Recruiting
College recruiting can be an important ingredient in your overall workforce plan and recruiting strategy...or not. Depending upon historical data, key recruiting metrics, and your hiring managers , it could also be a colossal waste of resources. Do inexperienced hires make sense for your business model?

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