LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Disengaged at Work...Is the Grass Greener Elsewhere?


Disengaged at Work...Is the Grass Greener Elsewhere?

If you feel dissatisfied with your current job, you are in good company.

Many employees feel restless; they feel they are not learning anything new and that their career is at a standstill.

But is the grass really greener on the other side?

Before you walk away, take some advice from a seasoned employee engagement and retention expert. Ask yourself the following questions first and then take responsibility for improving your job situation...on this side of the fence.

Consider your time, emotional, and financial investment:

  • How long did it take you to find this job?
  • What level of anxiety did you experience during the interviewing and hiring process?
  • How long and steep was the learning curve?
  • What work relationships and rituals would you miss if you left?
  • Will you recoup an ROI that is greater than the time and energy you have already invested?

We believe that most employers DO care about their employees' satisfaction and engagement (it directly links to productivity and profits).

We also think it's worth giving them a chance to re-energize your commitment to your job.

You need to have a frank conversation with your manager who (according to our research) is likely unaware of how you feel.

Read more about three simple steps to prepare for meeting with your manager... 

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