LSA Global Insights Newsletter: The ONLY Selling Style that Succeeds Long-Term

July 31, 2012

The ONLY Selling Style that Succeeds Long-Term

Traditional wisdom and many successful sales people argue that sales are ALL about relationships.

We disagree.

So do the majority of executive buyers.

Recently, we've been interviewing potential vendors (they have not earned partner status yet) to help us with some technology and branding projects.

As a company that helps our clients with defining their sales strategy and the implementation of that strategy, this recent vetting process has been a good reminder of why successful sales people are effective. It has also caused us to rethink what kind of business sales culture supports successful sales growth.

Over and over you may hear from peak sales performers that "people buy people." The problem with this philosophy is that it's not scalable. It's not a framework or methodology that allows organizations to coach to it, support it, or even to hire for it. While relationships may get you in the door, it does not, by itself, win the business.

How many times have you had a:

  • "Sam" on your team who had a great network, built great client relationships, and brought key clients over but, after the network and contacts were exhausted, Sam couldn't produce and moved on?
  • "Sue" on your team who met a client's need (sometimes even to the detriment of the company), received the highest evaluations on customer satisfaction, made things happen, but never seemed to be able to cross the quota threshold?
  • "Bob" who worked 10-12 hours per day, every day, never took vacation, but couldn't meet his quota, no matter how many times you reset it and how hard he tried?
  • "Jill" on your team who missed team meetings, ignored administrative tasks, and while she met quota, you had to question her value and cost to the psyche of the sales team and organization as a whole?
And then, have you ever had a "Laura"?

She has a finely tuned sense of individual customer objectives and value drivers. She positions her conversations effectively to different customer stakeholders and agendas within the organization. She becomes invaluable to her clients and thus, invaluable to you and your organization.

Can't think of the last time you hired or retained a "Laura"? Don't believe a "Laura-type" sales person will make the difference in your ability to reach and exceed your sales' goals?

Leading companies know that hiring, developing and retaining Business Strategists will change the way you operate, the way you define success and your ability to achieve and exceed your goals.

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