LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Five Key Steps to Defining & Attracting Top Talent


Five Key Steps to Defining & Attracting Top Talent

It is all about performance. 

We believe that this is a good thing.   
Over the past seven or eight years, we have seen a steady increase in organizations devoting more time and effort to defining and measuring employee performance.

As business practices and profits continue to come under more intense scrutiny, we believe that the focus on performance will only increase.

No organization can afford people who do not contribute and who cannot perform consistently at a high level.

For most growing and changing companies, talent performance starts with attracting and hiring the right people in the first place. Jim Collins calls this "getting the right people on the bus in the right seat." 

While we all know that bad hires are very expensive and preventable, we continue to find frequent disconnects between employee performance and the traits that recruiters and hiring managers look for in candidates. Far too often, recruiters and hiring managers base their interviews and selection on a generic job description that has little relation to the reality of the position or the culture. 

To attract and hire talent that will best execute your strategy and thrive in your specific environment, you must first define great performance. Once defined, you can identify the specific competencies, skills, and traits that candidates must have to succeed. Only then will you be set up to get the right people on the bus in the right seats.

If you and your company are counting on new people to achieve your goals, and if you are serious about avoiding the hiring mistakes that keep so many great strategies from succeeding, here are five steps to finding the best people with the talent you need: 

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