LSA Global Insights Newsletter: The Keys to Successful Prospecting: Hitting the Home Run vs. Bunting


The Keys to Successful Prospecting: Hitting the Home Run vs. Bunting

80% of the time. 
Every sales professional dreams about connecting with the right buyer to hit that sales pitch over the fence and bring in the winning revenue.

But in over 17 years of studying customers' buying habits, our research shows that prospects are "emotionally closed" to buying 80% of the time.

That's why the old adage, successful prospecting boils down to "at bats and number of hits," can set up a sales professional for some awfully long, scoreless innings.

Most prospecting theories (and training) follow this outdated model and maintain that sales and prospecting are just a matter of simple math:

1. If you get to swing at enough pitches (make enough phone calls)
2. You'll eventually get enough hits (connect with someone) and
3. Finally score some runs (close business). 

However, today's more savvy customers have learned to identify sales pitches and make it much more difficult for a salesperson to get the opportunity to even swing at the ball. "Smiling and dialing" for dollars is too costly and too ineffective to be a viable or smart tactic.

A much more strategic prospecting approach is required to succeed.

We have identified 7 key barriers to successful prospecting-from the difficulty of gaining access to the challenge of advancing the relationship-and offer tested methods and tools to overcome them.

Read about the 7 key barriers and how to overcome them... 

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