LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Leadership: Creating a High Performance Environment


Leadership: Creating a High Performance Environment


That is the number of "moves" available to a leader at any given time that can significantly impact the performance of their team.

With so many options, it is not surprising that some leaders succeed while others fail?

Based on over 16 years of high performance research with elite institutions such as Harvard, the U.S. Special Forces, Cisco, Accenture, MIT, NASA, and Juilliard, we have identified a process to help leaders to identify the top two leadership actions that will have the greatest impact on performance.

Successful leaders know how to create a performance environment by effectively navigating:

  • Directional Components: strategy, achievement, and failure
  • Status Components: company, team, and individual performance exposure levels
  • Motivational Components: rewards, consequences, and engagement.
Our quarterly performance poll showed that a startling 85% of leaders have not identified the two most critical moves to impact their performance environment. Are your leaders doing what it takes to create a high performance environment? 

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