LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Does Your HR Function Have a "Seat at the Executive Table?"


Does Your HR Function Have a "Seat at the Executive Table?"


That is what more than 50% of our clients tell us when we ask if their HR Function has a true seat at the executive table.

For decades, Human Resources has had difficulty playing at the same level as their peers "running the business." Not coincidentally, this struggle coincides with HR's inability (both perceived and actual) to have a measurable and visible impact on revenue, costs, or productivity. And, according to our clients, the pressure on HR to step-up is only increasing.

What should HR do to become a player?
Many suggest improving business and financial acumen. Others look toward developing consulting skills to build deeper business partnerships. Both steps can and do add value; but there's an additional skill set lacking in most HR organizations: the ability to answer one key question.

It is a question that cannot be answered solely from business acumen, consulting skills, or engagement survey results. And surprisingly, most HR professionals not only do not ask it, but cannot answer it.

Read about the critical question and how to answer it...

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