LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Managing Different Generations


Managing Different Generations

Generational Riddle:

A man and his son are in a car crash. The man dies, and his son is rushed to the hospital. The head surgeon says "I'm sorry, but I cannot operate on this boy. He is my son."

Who is the Surgeon?

Not very surprising to some, adults consistently fail to identify the surgeon as the boy's mother. Fifth graders, on the other hand, almost universally answered with "his mom."

For the first time in history, four different generations find themselves working within the walls of corporate America.

As members of these generations struggle to co-exist side by side, managers now must supervise vastly disparate working and communication styles.

1. How does a member of "The Greatest Generation" provide direction to a tech-savvy "20-Something?"

2. How will a "Baby Boomer" communicate institutional goals to a "Gen-Xer," who may have grown up as a go-it-alone, latchkey kid?

Today, management needs to be especially creative to enable these different cultures with their own experiences and values work productively together.

Savvy leaders can harness the strengths of each generation and leverage decades of knowledge and experience not only to survive but also thrive amid this generational divide.

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