LSA Global Insights Newsletter: 2 Moves to Build a High Performance Environment


2 Moves to Build a High Performance Environment

Two Key Moves.

Did you know that out of the 70 possible performance moves available to executives, only two will make a difference at any given time?

Even during a recession, some companies and groups continue to thrive. Recent research indicates that 46% of organizations cite creating a high performance culture as one of their top 3 priorities. Yet 61% of line and new managers do not feel that they have what it takes to drive greater employee performance from the business.

Like many of our clients, as CEO I often struggle with how much performance management pressure to place on our company and which lever to pull at which moment to accelerate the business. In the past, we have found most approaches to be too theoretical and too "consultanty" to actually make a difference.

Fortunately, what we learned from 16 years of high performance industry research has pointed us in the right direction - with benefits both for us and for our clients.

Read about how to identify your top two performance moves...

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