LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Top Talent?


Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Top Talent?

According to the Wall Street Journal, 34% of workers left their jobs as we came out of our last recession in 2003.

Unfortunately for many companies, the majority of the 34% that left were top performers moving on to greener pastures.

In today's environment, you should be asking yourself 3 key questions regarding your talent management strategy, in particular your top performers:
  1. Can you risk the loss of your top talent?
  2. Is your organization paying enough attention as recruiters begin to contact and lure away key performers?
  3. Are your key workers at risk of leaving this time?
While budgets are still lean, one proven low cost strategy to retain top employees and engage the workforce is to provide career development options and navigation skills.

As companies become more confident, we predict that new positions will open up before the end of this year.

Opportunities for advancement will be possible if your people have the right skills and experience.

One of our clients recently turned to LSA for just this reason. This company was entering a new market space at the same time as a formidable competitor. They could not afford to lose any key players.

LSA's expert designed and implemented a career development and performance management system for the company. The system included key tools and targeted development for new managers and employees as well as internal career and executive coaching. The goal was to provide their top talent with a vision for a future within the organization and the ability to take advantage of new opportunities.

As a result of our work, employee engagement scores have increased across every dimension while turnover in critical roles has dropped below 4%. This translated into significant cost savings and increased productivity.

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