LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Getting New Clients Just Got Harder - 3 Key Areas


Getting New Clients Just Got Harder - 3 Key Areas

67% of companies froze or reduced lead-generation budgets for sales reps last year according to CSO Insights' survey of more than 2,800 companies worldwide.

The percentage of reps making quota in 2009 dropped to 51.8% from 58.8% a year earlier, the survey shows.

At a time when sales cycles and competition have increased and almost 50% of sales leaders surveyed by LSA Global cite "getting new clients" as the key issue that keeps them awake at night, this data presents both an opportunity and a challenge.

It is no wonder that most companies are experiencing a significant revenue shortfall at the same time that employee satisfaction levels, as reported by the Conference Board, have sunk to an all time low of 45%.

Some sales forces however are thriving by focusing on 3 key areas to help ensure sustainable revenue growth.

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