LSA Global Insights Newsletter: 3 Steps to Building a Smarter Training Budget.. One that Gets Approved


3 Steps to Building a Smarter Training Budget.. One that Gets Approved

Organizations continue to spend billions of dollars each year on training and development for their employees - programs that typically fail to realize a transfer of training to on-the-job performance and tangible business results.
No wonder the majority of executives are looking at ways to aggressively cut training costs.

Under the auspices of helping organizations to effectively benchmark, align, and manage their training functions, much has been written over the years about
training cost metrics.

While training cost information is certainly part of the equation, looking at costs alone (or even first) misses the point.

Building a smarter training budget is about much more than costs. Getting a meaningful budget approved and supported by an executive is about much more than cost metrics.

Unfortunately, we still find that many training budgets and training start and end with costs and efficiency - missing the most important and persuasive component altogether.

Discover the 3 steps to building a smarter training budget...

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