LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Are Your Projects Starting Off On the Right Foot?


Are Your Projects Starting Off On the Right Foot?

Up to 50% of critical projects fail. Some estimates have failure rates as high as 75%.

In our experience, project success or failure can often be attributed to how the project is initially "kicked-off."

At a time when most companies are counting on key projects to drastically reduce costs, quickly bring new products to market, and significantly increase the top line, it pays to ensure that your most strategic projects are set up to succeed right from the start.

We find that project leaders of unsuccessful projects frequently underestimate the importance of having clear goals, roles, time management strategies, responsibilities and processes before starting the "real work." We know, on the other hand, that investing in starting off on the right foot will exponentially improve your chances at improving project success while saving overall project time.

Fortunately, effective project kick-offs are as much about proper project definition and project planning as they are about providing the right team the necessary communication skills to get on the same page, with the right leadership support.

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