LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Workplace Harassment: Your Compliance Options


Workplace Harassment: Your Compliance Options

If your organization does not comply with AB 1825, you have three options:
  1. Take a Risk - do nothing and hope for the best

  2. Take a Risk, Check the Box - find the cheapest elearning solution that may not qualify in court as a good faith effort nor effectively change behavior and see what happens

  3. Contact an Expert - implement engaging, cost-effective, compliant, and interactive training that will decrease risk and improve employee relations
We offer proven and cost-effective options (both online and onsite) to help you and your organization become AB 1825 compliant while preventing harassment and discrimination charges.

Our instructors are seasoned attorneys, experienced trainers, and skilled facilitators who use real life situations, stories, and humor to make this potentially dry topic interesting, valuable, and memorable. 

Review Your Compliance Options

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