LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Key Training Outsourcing Questions to Ask


Key Training Outsourcing Questions to Ask

Admittedly, my head was in the sand.

About 10 years ago, my boss (the CEO) asked me if we should consider outsourcing some of our training function. The question caught me off guard. Was this a reflection on me and my team? Did other executives think that we couldn't handle it? After some research and sound advice, I learned that my initial reaction was pretty naïve.

I was running HR and Organizational Strategies for a soon-to-be 2,500 person global consulting firm. Along with the 100 other tasks on our plates, we were in the process of building world class sales, leadership, and performance management programs for our top talent.

Asking for outside help was far from our minds. We wanted to prove to some new members of the executive team that we "had what it takes." We felt that, if we used outside experts, we would not be as valued as if we were to design, deliver, and manage the training all by ourselves.

Fortunately for me (and for the company), some wiser and more experienced people pointed us in the right direction. We realized that a few key questions make all the difference.

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