LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Benchmark Your Management Practices to See Where You Stand

July 23, 2017

Benchmark Your Management Practices to See Where You Stand

4 judges are holding up low scores

Are your management practices where they need to be?
To increase productivity and speed up decision making, most companies have flattened their organizational structure and given managers more responsibility over more employees. From a customer experience perspective, managers direct as much as two-thirds of the workforce responsible for defining, delivering and improving the customer experience.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review Study, the most enduringly successful companies, those delivering a 10-fold return to investors over a ten year period, excel at ten specific management practices. 

Unfortunately, manager performance is not meeting expectations.  Nearly 70% of executives are only "somewhat" or "not at all satisfied" with the performance of their companies' managers. And a stunning 81% of managers are not satisfied with their own performance. 

To make matters worse, even though the top area of training spend (35%) is on management and leadership, management training by itself is ranked as highly ineffective. Only 10% of respondents to a recent McKinsey survey said their companies' frontline manager training is effective in preparing managers to lead.  

We know from our own experience with clients that frontline managers do not receive the training required to prepare them to lead successfully, anticipate problems well or coach their direct reports effectively.

Voice of the Customer

"We partnered with LSA Global to help us invest in our people. LSA designed a modular and customized management training program curriculum that allows us to deliver top quality solutions to our managers and leaders. We consider LSA to be our learning and development partner and our LSA consultants to be an extension of our team."
Lisa Bruun | SVP Human Resources | Ellie Mae, Inc.

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