LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Assess Your Sales Negotiation Capabilities

May 29, 2017

Assess Your Sales Negotiation Capabilities

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According to Forrester Research, buyers now have access to 60-90% more information than sellers.   

And not surprisingly, buyers are leveraging that information for deeper discounting at every turn while attempting to "commoditize" seller offerings to gain even deeper concessions.

Unfortunately most sales approaches used today to combat increased negotiation pressure were developed in the 1970's and 1980's and are no longer relevant to today's marketplace.   In a nutshell, too many sellers are losing the negotiation game.

 The highest performing sales negotiators:
  • Understand and prepare for 97% of the verbal negotiation tactics they will encounter.
  • Know the consequences to both parties in the event an agreement is not reached.
  • Know what a great deal looks for both sides in the event agreement is reached. 
  • Provide multiple solution options that change the conversation from dividing value to creating and dividing value in a way that makes sense. 

Voice of the Customer

"What I liked best was the 100% focus on live sales negotiation opportunities. We put over 100 negotiations through the process and had immediate impact. Furthermore, using the blended approach of technology and live consulting, we achieved these results with our sales team quickly."
Monte Roy | Senior Vice President of Sales | Information Builder

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