LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Download Leadership Toolkit to Align Strategy, Culture and Talent


Download Leadership Toolkit to Align Strategy, Culture and Talent

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Our Organizational Alignment Research found that leaders who align their culture and talent with their strategy grow revenues 58% faster, are 72% more profitable, have 9-to-1 greater leadership effectiveness and 16.8-to-1 higher employee engagement levels. 

The highest performing leaders:

  • Create strategic clarity by ensuring everyone understands where to go, how to get there, why it is important and their role in making it happen.  That means everyone understands the overall strategy, has no doubt that the company is committed to it, is highly responsive to changes in the market, and believes the strategy is being consistently implemented throughout the organization.

  • Build high performance cultures by ensuring their teams clearly understand the desired corporate culture, frequently observe the majority of leaders modeling the desired behaviors, regularly feel the  culture motivates top performance, repeatedly receive and share information in a timely manner, and continually believe decisions demonstrate a healthy short- and long- term balance.

  • Differentiate top talent by ensuring their teams believe the quality of talent creates a competitive edge, repeatedly observe the company hire and retain top  talent, and continually have the support and resources to meet their targets. 

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