LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Benchmark Your Strategic Clarity to See Where You Stand


Benchmark Your Strategic Clarity to See Where You Stand

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Most leaders believe that their strategy is 2x as clear as their direct reports. 

Our organizational alignment research shows that most leadership teams are pretty happy with the strategy that they have created together. Once complete, it tends to make sense, and leaders are usually excited about a renewed sense of clarity and focus. Leaders also typically assume that people will then be able to "go make it happen." 

Our experience and research, however, tells us that there is usually too large a gap between a leadership team creating a vision/strategy and actually getting people to implement it. Effective leaders ensure all stakeholders are behind the plan. The strategy must be clear enough to those who will be charged with leading AND implementing it. 

It is difficult for leaders and followers to succeed without a clear, believable and meaningful direction. Yet many high-growth companies mistakenly move too quickly to create and clearly articulate an implementable corporate strategy. Some say they do not have the time. Others think their strategy is already clear. But when you ask employees, time and time again, strategic ambiguity reigns. 

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