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Season's greetings to you and yours! 

Thank you for your support this past year.  We are so grateful to be working with wonderful clients and partners who actively strive to create a competitive advantage through people. 

Please enjoy access to the top 10 articles downloaded in 2015 by clients like you to help align their culture and talent with their strategy.

Top 10 Whitepaper Downloads
  1. 3x Alignment Research Findings. Strategy + Culture + Talent
    We launched a research initiative to understand what distinguishes the winners from the losers. What did we find? Highly aligned companies significantly outperform their peers and 7 unique factors matter most.

  2. 5 Warning Signs that Your Managers Are Falling Behind Strategically Managers matter. Yet, too many high-growth companies mistakenly exclude their managers from the very strategic planning and implementation processes they need to excel as managers. If your managers are not clear about the strategic direction of the company, their ability to lead, set priorities and make trade-offs for themselves and their team is severely hampered.
  3. Do You Have High Performing Managers? The 4 Management Metrics that Matter Most Despite rumors to the contrary and the recent buzz around holacracies and self-managed work teams at companies like Zappos, management and managers are still a major factor in the running of most organizations.

  4. Performance Pressure: How Much Should a Leader Push? As leaders, we are expected to create the environment that produces the most from the people within our organizations. If we (or our culture) push too much or too little, we may not meet our goals. Read more about how to strike the right balance.
  5. Top 5 Warning Signs that Your Performance Environment May Be In Trouble If you have direct reports, then you should sit up and take notice. Think about it. What percent of your success is dependent upon the success of others? If you are like most savvy leaders today, you will answer 70%+. Download this provocative whitepaper to learn what to watch out for in your organization.

  6. Create a High Performance Sales Environment It is a sales leader's responsibility to create the circumstances that stimulate improved performance from their sales force. The key question is not "why" high performance but rather "how"? Are you hitting your sales targets? Read about the 6 steps that a sales leader must take to build a high performance sales environment.
  7. The Truth About Sales Coaching and the Biggest Mistakes For much of the sales world, the notion that sales coaching is an essential ingredient in improving sales organizations is not up for debate. But most sales leaders - if they're honest - will tell you that they barely have time to manage their sales teams much less time to coach. With that reality as the backdrop, here's the question - What if you could cut your coaching time in half and get better results?

  8. 5 Most Common Training Function Strategies and Key Mistakes to Avoid There are many different paths to creating a successful training function. In our experience, however, there are 5 main strategic approaches that differentiate one training function from another. One direction is not necessarily better than another. Rather, the key is to create a core focus that works in your specific environment and addresses your most pressing needs.  
  9. New Employee Orientation: 7 Speed to Productivity Best Practices Is your speed to productivity for new hires where you want it to be? Most new employees take anywhere from 3 to 24 months to "get up to speed." This wide disparity provides wonderful opportunities for organizations who want to decrease "ramp time" and implement a more effective new hire on-boarding process.
  10. Leading for Engagement: The Top 10 Most Powerful Ways Leaders Can Boost Employee Engagement Inspiring people to put forth their best effort is, perhaps, a leader's most vexing, and yet most rewarding, challenge. The good news is that employee engagement can be measured and improved. And if leaders take the right actions to improve employee engagement, business performance can improve dramatically.  Here are the ten actions with the greatest impact.
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