LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Revealing the 6 Biggest Call Center Selling Myths and What It Means for Your Business


Revealing the 6 Biggest Call Center Selling Myths and What It Means for Your Business

If you lead a contact center, you know how difficult it is to consistently meet customer expectations while also satisfying internal success metrics.

The performance pressure is especially high when your customer service strategy includes generating new revenue in addition to providing great customer service and keeping costs low.

While most of our clients have already made some initial moves to incorporate sales into their contact center, the majority continue to struggle with the transition from service to sales and finding the right balance between serving and selling. Some customer experiences are so fraught with up- and cross-selling that it is difficult just to buy a sandwich without having a 5-minute conversation about chips, drinks, specials, etc.

Based upon decades of research and hands-on experience, we have identified the top 6 call center myths that impede success. Once you understand what they are, you can build a plan on how to overcome these myths in order to:
  • Better and more consistently motivate call center reps to serve and sell in a way that works for your customers
  • Recruit and interview top contact center talent that fits your unique culture
  • Identify, develop and measure the critical few service and sales competencies that matter most
  • Reward and recognize sales and service reps in alignment with your strategy and culture
  • Use proven performance coaching to drive sales and service

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