LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Do You Have the High Performance Culture Required to Drive Your Strategy?


Do You Have the High Performance Culture Required to Drive Your Strategy?

Once your business direction is clear and compelling, it is your job as a leader to understand, shape, and align your corporate culture to drive key strategic initiatives.

As senior executives will attest, this is no easy task. While most agree that a sound strategic plan is imperative, few agree on what to do next. In fact, research shows that less than ten percent of even the well crafted strategies are effectively executed.

For most fast growing and evolving companies, we know that the biggest obstacles to success have little to do with designing a winning strategy. When you look under the hood of many organizations (even ones that have a solid strategic plan), you find that they are not firing on all cylinders.

They are not performing at their peak. And their leaders have not created the high performance environment necessary to get sustainable results now or in the future.

A recent Harvard Business School research report described how an effective culture can account for up to half of the differential in performance between organizations in the same business. This should be a powerful motivator for all leaders.

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