LSA Global Insights Newsletter: What To Do About Missed Project Deadlines

April 30, 2013

What To Do About Missed Project Deadlines

Not all missed deadlines are created equal. Missed project milestones should be treated differently based upon the circumstances and the performance culture that you want to create.

What happens in your organization if you miss a deadline on a project?

If people perceive "nothing," there is performance trouble ahead.

If there are no consequences to missed deadlines, project team members can feel that their project was not so important after all or that the timing did not really matter. This slippery performance slope can lead to a lack of motivation and more slippage on other important dates and key deliverables.

It is up to you as the project manager to keep project team members on target and on time without sacrificing quality or project team satisfaction. As uncomfortable as it may be to raise the issue of failed delivery in some circumstances, it will be even more difficult to explain to the project sponsor and key stakeholders why your project is lagging and why your team is under-performing.

If you or your organization let dates slip, there are three key steps to take as a leader to get things back on track.

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