LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Using Project Post Mortems During and After Projects to Improve Performance


Using Project Post Mortems During and After Projects to Improve Performance

We have all led or been affected by critical and complex projects that have gone "sideways." The experience is rarely enjoyable and often difficult to forget.

The bad news. Unfortunately, most research shows that up to three-quarters of internal and external projects fail to meet original expectations. In three recent client meetings, a combined $25,000,000 of problems were directly associated with missing targets and poorly managing client and project stakeholder expectations. The good news. The vast majority of the problems could (and should) have been avoided along the way.

Our experience tells us that spending a little bit of time to take stock throughout the project and at the end of a project can pay big dividends, greatly improve project team engagement, and significantly increase internal and external stakeholder satisfaction.

An effective Project Post Mortem Process should be based upon multi-industry project management best practices and research. The results should provide targeted recommendations for success during and after critical project phases by helping project leaders and teams to:

  1. Clearly agree upon the current project situation and status.
  2. Come to closure as individuals and as a project team.
  3. Apply project best practices to determine key takeaways and areas of improvement.
  4. Identify and manage project risks.
  5. Re-calibrate, determine areas of focus, and identify specific next steps.
  6. Implement proven solutions that will work for your unique project, stakeholders, culture, and situation.

Whether project team-specific or part of a 360-degree project stakeholder view, we recommend including three key project success areas and 27 key performance indicators.

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