LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Why Call Center Reps Hate to Sell (and what to do about it)


Why Call Center Reps Hate to Sell (and what to do about it)

The warning signs are everywhere.

The hushed tones when Call Center Reps gather in the break room...The wide-eyed looks when sales promotions are announced...The cries of, "If I wanted to be in sales, I would have interviewed for a sales job!"...The sighs of resignation during sales training workshops...The new resumes online that somehow seem vaguely familiar...

When Call Center Reps hate to sell, we put our customer service AND sales initiatives at risk. Instead of driving revenue up, we may be driving customers away.

When we ask Call Center Leaders, they simply want their reps to:

  1. Fix the problem that caused the customer to call
  2. Confirm that the customer is happy
  3. Sell them more stuff

Why are Call Center Reps so reluctant to go along with such a simple program?

That question has not one answer, but five. Our work with clients over the last two decades has uncovered five specific things you can do to relieve the issues that cause Call Center Reps to hate to sell.

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