LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Building Contact Center Cross Selling Skills


Building Contact Center Cross Selling Skills

Cross selling has many benefits.

Top performing cross-selling contact centers increase wallet share, deepen customer relationships, improve customer loyalty, build employee confidence, reduce attrition, and enhance the customer experience.

To build effective cross selling skills ensure that you include these seven elements:

  1. Metrics: Identify the top 2-3 business metrics that you want to move.
  2. Gaps: Assess major skill gaps to target investments, set a baseline, and initiate the change process.
  3. Flexibility: Have the option to train one agent at a time to take advantage of periods of low call volume while minimizing downtime.
  4. Coaching: Include online and offline coaching to guide reps through competency levels and provide immediate performance feedback.
  5. Scenarios: Design around critical customer simulations and scenarios for applying skills on-the-job.
  6. Test: Build a final performance test that confirms mastery of the key skills.
  7. Impact: Measure skill adoption and business impact.

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