LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Leaders: Change that Works


Leaders: Change that Works

For most companies and leaders, major change means major disappointment.

For every organization, changes (planned and unplanned) are inevitable. The good news is that the breadth, complexity, and the speed of today's change provide a unique opportunity for organizations that get it right.

Just think about these common big changes:

  • Merger or Acquisition
  • Technology Implementation
  • Leadership and Organizational Changes
  • Shifts in the Marketplace

When you need to remake your company through a major change effort, it appears that the odds are not in your favor. A recent IBM global study cited a 59% failure rate with the biggest obstacles to successful change being rooted in people and corporate culture. For those who have been part of major change efforts, this should come as no surprise.

If you talk to leaders who have led major change initiatives, they will tell you that the technology, financials, and operational "stuff" sure feels easy compared to the people and culture "stuff" that seems to always get in the way.

Experts know that the "soft" stuff is the hard stuff when it comes to change.

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