LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Top 4 Avoidable Change Risks as a Leader


Top 4 Avoidable Change Risks as a Leader

Can your leaders successfully implement the important changes required to execute your strategy?

Since the buck stops with you, it is imperative that you keep your company and your leadership team one step ahead of the competition.

In a world where nothing seems to stay the same for long, leaders constantly face resistance to the very changes that are required to meet targets.

To excel (and in some cases to survive), we believe that companies and leaders must have the capability to successfully navigate change. This is especially true for large change initiatives where the majority (up to 70% by most accounts) fail.

The typical list of culprits includes integrating mergers and acquisitions, reorganizing the business, executing new strategies, opening new markets, implementing new technologies, transitioning to new leadership, and handling regulatory and market changes.

Based upon over 25 years of organizational change and alignment experience, we consistently run into the same inherent risks during the four primary phases of change.

Effective change leaders understand the need to anticipate and mitigate these four key risks with proven change leadership approaches, acumen and techniques.

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