LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Navigate Your Career: Helping Employees Take Responsibility for their Own Job Satisfaction


Navigate Your Career: Helping Employees Take Responsibility for their Own Job Satisfaction

Who is responsible for career development?

We have heard all the arguments. We have seen fingers pointed at the company, leadership, managers, HR, and employees.

In order to build internal bench strength and have skilled employees who can be moved into the right roles at the right time, we believe that employees must take ownership for their own career development.

Employees need support and alignment from all of the typical characters listed above, but every employee should proactively take charge of their own career development if they want to excel.

And the higher up you go on the career ladder, the more you need to aggressively ask for what you want.

To succeed, companies should use career development approaches to facilitate workforce "readiness," to develop employees who are engaged in the business, and to improve employee tenure. This includes designing career development programs to provide employees, their managers, and internal career coaches with a clear roadmap of how to develop a career within their unique culture.

The payoff for developing careers within the organization is immense: longer tenure, lower cost of recruiting, higher levels of contribution as employee potential is realized, and improved employment branding as an employer of choice.

The payoff to employees is priceless: less job stress, higher motivation, and the pride and satisfaction one experiences when making full use of one's strengths and natural talents.

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