LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Do You Have a Clear Enough Picture of your Service Climate?

June 30, 2012

Do You Have a Clear Enough Picture of your Service Climate?

An unclear brand promise in the eyes of your customers harms loyalty, retention, and revenue. 

Successful service organizations have a clear and impartial picture of their organization's sales and service climate. 

Aberdeen's latest research reports an almost 2-to-1 difference in service margins for best-in-class organizations compared to all others. These service organizations use an internal and external perspective to provide the comprehensive and objective data necessary to help make the key decisions to prepare for successful change. Both now and in the future. 

Done right, a clear perspective provides a:
  • Comprehensive understanding of your performance strengths and weaknesses
  • Clear benchmark to track as the initiative progresses
  • Targeted training and sustainment plan that links your critical goals to specific manager and employee behaviors
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