LSA Global Insights Newsletter: How to Lead High Performance Project Teams


How to Lead High Performance Project Teams

Do your project leaders have what it takes? Are you getting the results you need? 

You have been asked to lead or to pick a leader for an important project. You appreciate the opportunity and vote of confidence, but you are concerned about pulling it off. 

The team has the right technical project management skills in terms of project definition, planning, and risk management, but they seem to lack the leadership, collaboration, and team cohesion to succeed in the face of what lies ahead. Additionally, your matrix organization is adding an additional layer of complexity. 

Soon, stakeholders will tug them in a million different directions. Varied leadership, communication, and decision making styles will create rifts as the team faces increased pressure. 

Whether the team is comprised of part-time volunteers or highly-skilled professionals, their productivity and success is dramatically affected by the relationships within the team and the ability to function as a cohesive unit. Successful project teams build a positive project team environment and learn to work together to solve problems even in the face of conflict. 

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