LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Five Steps to Transforming a Recruiting Function


Five Steps to Transforming a Recruiting Function


We don't usually think of recruiters as heroic.
Yet there are recruiting leaders who have achieved amazing results.

HC is one of those whose modesty means he remains anonymous. He took over a recruiting function that was stumbling along, filling positions only after lengthy delays.

Job requirements were not communicated clearly to candidates, hiring managers assumed the poor performance they got was normal, and senior leaders put all their positions out to search. The career site was hidden, not engaging, and listed positions as "open" long after they had been filled. There was no sourcing function and no applicant tracking system. Potential candidates were not a good fit according to hiring managers who needed more resources to meet demand.

Sound painfully familiar?

Everything in the recruiting function was reactive. There was no talent community, no proactive sourcing strategy, and not much awareness of weaknesses in their process.

While this sort of recruiting function is not all that unusual, this one was part of a well-known organization that has a high public profile and is considered a leader in its products and services.

Although no one knew it when he was hired, HC was going to turn this situation around. And he did it without firing any recruiters and without a lot of fanfare.

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