LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Is Conviction the Missing Ingredient to Training Success?


Is Conviction the Missing Ingredient to Training Success?

What if skills and knowledge alone are not enough to "move the needle?"

I'll never forget the question posed by a veteran Vice President of Sales Operations.

We had just designed a comprehensive sales training assessment to pinpoint skill gaps in his sales team before designing a targeted solution to grow revenue.

We thought we had covered all the sales best practice bases - inside sales, prospecting, calling high, qualifying, financial acumen, sales presentation, negotiating, strategic account planning, influencing, etc.

Then he said, "I think we're missing something here. What about the fire in the belly?".

He explained that some of his best sales people lacked polish and sophistication, but they believed so fervently in the value of their solutions that clients responded.

He was not talking about "selling ice to the Eskimos," but rather moving people to trust you in the face of uncertainty.

As it turns out, that battle-tested VP was really onto something. Conviction matters. It can be measured.

Are you building, reinforcing, and measuring training Conviction? Our research shows that it may be the missing link to success.

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