LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Are Your Most Important Employees Up to the Challenge?


Are Your Most Important Employees Up to the Challenge?

A whopping 70%.

Based upon a recent Talent Management study, that is the percent of the workforce that is complacent and actively disengaged. In the words of one client, "we have a looming crisis on our hands."

When you combine that startling statistic with the fact that an engaged workforce is over 40% more productive and effective than their unengaged counterparts, it is no surprise that leading companies are embracing employee retention best practices by taking action to change the game and create a high performance environment.

While Employee Engagement has garnered considerable interest in the last few years, we believe that few companies have scratched the surface of the positive impact that Employee Engagement efforts can have on a company's bottom line. Even though people are being asked to do more with less, we believe that the current "crisis" presents a wonderful opportunity to implement meaningful change that results in true competitive advantage through people.

Some sales forces however are thriving by focusing on 3 key talent management and engagement areas to help ensure sustainable revenue growth.

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