LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Case Study - Increasing Customer Loyalty and Revenue at Intuit


Case Study - Increasing Customer Loyalty and Revenue at Intuit

A 5% increase in customer loyalty can boost profits by as much as 85%. In contrast, poor customer service has a negative impact on revenue, margins, and brands.

I recently spent 45 agonizing minutes on the phone with the local cable provider I have had for over 15 years. After not getting my problem solved, receiving conflicting answers, and getting transferred multiple times, I switched to a new provider. One bad interaction with unskilled call center representative destroyed a 15-year relationship.

When Harvard Business Review asked consumers what dimensions of customer service they would most like to see companies measure, the highest number (65%) said "knowledgeable employees." Consumers defined these desirable employees as being able to "answer my questions without putting me on hold, searching for someone, or transferring me."

LSA Global helps leading customer service organizations and contact centers to:

  1. Improve customer service product knowledge management
  2. Resolve service calls the 1st time
  3. Improve customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer retention
  4. Increase contact center cross-selling and up-selling skills
  5. Clearly differentiate products and/or brands
  6. Capture the voice of the customer to improve customer interactions
  7. Balance quality and quantity customer service measurement
  8. Assess the culture to diagnose service performance gaps
  9. Test, interview, on-board, and customer service coaching and mentoring

Read the Intuit Case Study on increasing revenue and customer loyalty...

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