LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Research Report: Enhancing Sales Performance through Negotiation Skills


Research Report: Enhancing Sales Performance through Negotiation Skills

Our clients tell us that salespeople must embrace the art of negotiation to be effective both internally and with their clients.

Until now however, there have been few statistically sound studies that demonstrate the impact of negotiation skills on sales performance.

This study aligns with our belief that effective training must both change behavior and impact the business.

The sales negotiations research looked at 120 sales people in a large US-based Corporation and focused on 3 key areas:
  1. Work Performance
  2. Skills Improvement
  3. Financial Impact
The study also highlights the 4 key skills that had the greatest impact on performance.

If you are thinking about best practices to improve negotiation outcomes, increase sales revenue / margin, execute strategic sales account plans, improve client relationships, or increase future business opportunities, then this research report is for you. View the Sales Negotiation Training Research Report.

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