LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Training Needs Assessments Done Right


Training Needs Assessments Done Right

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, one in 12 older people are prescribed the wrong drug.

Misdiagnosis rates in the ICU or Emergency Department range from 20% to 40.

Unfortunately, the odds are much worse when it comes to improperly diagnosing skill and knowledge gaps. Regardless of the economic conditions, we find the lack of proper diagnosis appalling.

Most skill assessments are not only statistically invalid, but they are often implemented in a way that inhibits trust, decreases relevance, and wastes time.

We believe that the purpose of a training needs assessment should be to answer the questions: "What is holding us back?" and "Where should we focus?"

We also believe that training assessments should be customized to each unique environment, drive toward outcomes rather than simply seek opinions, and guide strategies by comparing skills to actual performance.

And from a purely practical point of view, we believe as well that assessments should be short, relevant, cost effective, and timely.

In addition to traditional interviews and focus groups, LSA Global offers three proven online training assessment options. With over 600 assessment and training measurement projects over the last 15+ years, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the speed, cost, flexibility, and value of these options.

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