LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Is Your Learning Solution Set Up to Succeed?


Is Your Learning Solution Set Up to Succeed?

Over 50% of executives today are unhappy with the returns from their investments in learning.

Accordingly, it is not surprising that in tough economies, learning is often one of the first areas to be questioned or cut. In good or bad times, slashing training that does not have a clear business impact makes a lot of sense to us.

While it seems like common sense to ensure that learning investments are set up to succeed, we continue to be surprised that billions are spent each year on corporate training without any assurance that the money is being spent wisely. This does not mean changing all training to elearning because you have a travel freeze or because you want to reduce costs. While elearning can certainly be an effective medium, it means only doing training that makes business sense and setting it up to succeed - regardless of the approach.

Smart organizations make sure that they address ten key training best practice questions before launching any training initiative.

A proper assessment is more than a skill gap analysis. It allows companies to effectively initiate change, align stakeholders, customize solutions, predispose participants, guide coaching, set baseline metrics, target investments, and obtain buy-in.

Starting off on the right foot provides the foundation to save time, money, and reputations.  Find out where do you stand and How do you stack up?

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