LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Ensuring that your Salesforce Leapfrogs the Competition


Ensuring that your Salesforce Leapfrogs the Competition

Some of your key competitors will increase their revenue by more than 20% during this recession. If you are struggling with closing key deals, you probably find this statistic hard to believe. We were also skeptical - until it worked for us.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a simple and easy to implement sales methodology that allows a sales force to create trust, collapse the sales planning process, and close more than 50% of leads.

If you are not happy with your revenue growth, pipeline closure rate, or quality of leads, consider these statistics:

  1. Clients who follow this methodology typically increase their qualified pipeline a minimum of 30%.

  2. Clients who implement change using this approach usually increase their revenue by at least 20%.

  3. Clients who embrace these proven training best practices spend over 90% of their time in front of qualified future clients that want to do business with them.
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