LSA Global Insights Newsletter: Is Your Training a Perfect 10? Should You Care?


Is Your Training a Perfect 10? Should You Care?

What would happen if the Olympics used training's most prevalent approach to scoring?

In addition to creating some interesting arguments, Nadia's perfect 10 would probably turn into something similar to:

  • "I think she did pretty well. Very entertaining."
  • "I'd recommend watching her again."
  • "While I liked it, I wish her routine was my more applicable to my specific job."
While it sounds crazy in this context, thousands of organizations continue to allow training to be the least measured and most ineffective process in business. Based on over 600 measurement projects for Fortune 1000 companies around the world, we know that Training Measurement can now be done both efficiently and effectively. Done right, training measurement will:
  1. Quantify business impact
  2. Drive focus and accountability
  3. Provide specific feedback for coaching
  4. Support employee retention initiatives
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